Interlock Installation

Quinn’s Contracting specializes in interlock patios and walkways. If you’re looking for any kind of interlock services, from small walkway installs to whole outdoor living spaces we do it all.

Why Choose Us?

Expert landscaping services: professional patio installation

Top-Tier Installation Standards

We understand the fundamentals of interlock paver installation and approach every project as an individual job with it's own individual needs. No two patios are exactly alike and treating them as though they are can be a big mistake! We assess every project on an individual basis so that we can take into account important factors such as surrounding plant life, grade, water retention and drainage locations to ensure that our customers get a result appropriate for their property.

The Installation Process

Expert landscape design services for your outdoor living space

Landscape Designs

All of our projects will begin with a site inspection, usually followed by a basic design to show the customer exactly what the project will look like upon completion. Once the details are finalized and the customer is happy with the design, we will move onto the construction portion of the project. Basic designs are provided at no additional cost to the customer and more detailed and advanced designs are available upon request for a fee.

Efficient excavation for your landscaping needs


The first step after the design has been finalized is the excavation phase. Quinn's contracting takes care of all of the material removal associated with an installation project.

Expert landscaping materials: Geotextile for your project


Geotextile fabric is utilized in most situations to separate the new clean aggregate material from the native soils to prevent contamination and also to help ensure the weight of the patio is tied together and spread out among a larger surface area dramatically reducing movement during freeze & thaw cycles common with our Canadian winters.

Expert landscaping advice: Understanding the importance of patio base compaction


Quite possibly the most overlooked and most important part of any new installation is the compaction phase. We take great care in ensuring that all of the native soils as well as the installed aggregate base material reach full compaction to ensure as little settlement as possible over time.

Paver patio made easy: Professional grading gravel services for paver installation


After proper compaction has been achieved, it's time to set the grade for the pavers to rest on. We utilize High Performance Bedding (HPB) as our paver base. Some of the benefits of HPB are that it is easily compacted and free draining. This means even in the event water does penetrate the patio over time, it will flow through the HPB layer into our drainage layer to avoid the bricks shifting.

Landscaping made easy: Professional interlock paver patio installation services for your outdoor project


After the final grade has been set, we can get to the fun stuff, laying the bricks. This is where everything starts visually coming together. After the pavers are laid in and cut into place, we run a plate compactor over the surface to help vibrate the polymeric sand into the joints before activating the product.

Creating beautiful outdoor spaces: Interlock paver patio for your landscaping project


Voila! The patio is complete! Now for the clean up... Don't worry, we also take care of that. Any garbage, off cut material and extra aggregate will be disposed of properly and any damage done to the lawn or surrounding areas will also be repaired via sod/seed.

We Value Transparency

It’s completely understandable that our customers may not know all of the intricacies of interlock installation, that’s why they rely on us to communicate with them frequently and walk them through the entire installation process to ensure they’re getting the quality installation that all of our customers have come to expect over the years. We strive to provide our customers with as much knowledge and transparency as possible, to this end we document every jobsite with photos and occasionally full time-lapse videos to show our work and processes from start to finish. 

Let's Build Your Vision Together

Please feel free to get in touch with us using either our online form, text message, email or phone call and we will be happy to help you with planning your project. Feel free to visit our Facebook page for additional photos as well as more frequent project updates to view our work!

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