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Quinn’s Contracting provides professional quality installations of small steps to large staircases for our customers. All of our installations, as with everything else we provide, are held to the highest quality standards and follow all industry standard installation best practices.

Why Choose Us?

Quinn's Contracting Landscaping Services

Top-Tier Installation Standards

Steps are one of the most critical parts of any landscaping project. Being able to have easy and safe access to your yard is imperative to the funcationality of your outdoor living spaces. We build our steps using industry standard best practices to ensure that they can handle our Canadian winters and won't shift and settle over time due to water retention and expansion during freeze and thaw cycles. Read below to learn how our installations prioritize structural strength and longevity for our customers.

Quinn's Contracting Landscaping Services

How We Build Steps

All of our steps are built with stability and durability in mind. We utilize concrete cinderblocks under each step to ensure that as much of the step itself is supported directly down to the base below it. In this case, the steps are supported on either side as well as in the center by two points of contact with cinder blocks built down to the base material.

Quinn's Contracting Landscaping Services

Step Reinforcement

As we start to build the staircase, we fill in the voids with a 3/4" clear gravel (no dust/fines) to ensure that there is almost no possibility of movement and settling over time and this material does no retain any water and allows for voids so that in the event water does penetrate down into the steps, there's plenty of room for expansion to prevent movement with free and thaw cycles.

Quinn's Contracting Landscaping Services

Finished Product

Using our method of building our staircases, our customers can have confidence that their newly installed steps will last for years to come and won't settle or shift during the winter causing problems such as wobbling or sloping the wrong direction.

Here's A Gallery Of Some Of Our Recent Work

Let's Build Your Vision Together

Please feel free to get in touch with us using either our online form, text message, email or phone call and we will be happy to help you with planning your project. Feel free to visit our Facebook page for additional photos as well as more frequent project updates to view our work!

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