Landscape Design

Quinn’s Contracting produces both complimentary landscape designs for our customers to help them visualize the project before moving forward with installations and we also offer more detailed and complex designs for a small fee for our customers.

Envision Your Project

Expert landscape design services for your outdoor living space

Simple Designs

We understand that sometimes it's difficult to visualize the desired look and feel of your project on your own property, that's why Quinn's Contracting is happy to provide our customers with simple designs at no additional cost to help them better envision the end result and better understand the overall scope of their project.

3D Walkthroughs

We utilize specialized landscape design software to provide our customers with the ability to do a full 3D walkthrough of the project to better understand the scale of things and give them the ability to make changes to the project construction begins!

Quinn's Contracting Landscaping Services

Design Perspective

Landscape designs help to address potential issues and solutions before the project begins. In the above example, the customer has a fairly heavy slope in their small yard which needs to be addressed with a retaining wall in order to achieve a nice, level seating area. Using our software, it's very easy to showcase the necessity of grading and retaining walls.

Above is a quick walkthrough of this simple landscape design we are showcasing on this page. A walkthrough allows the customer to have a first person view of their completed project before a shovel goes into the ground! This is incredibly useful for helping the customer understand the size and scale of their project.

Real-Time Adjustment

Once the design has been created and provided to the customer we then offer collaborative design changes. If you don’t like the color, brick design, size of the stones or the overall dimensions of the patio we are able to quickly make adjustments to suit your needs. In the example below, we presented the customer with a dark, contrasting border stone and they asked to be shown the same design with a lighter stone selection, they loved the lighter stone! This is just one of many benefits offered by creating a design prior to starting the project.

Quinn's Contracting Landscaping Designs

Dark Border

Simple patio design featuring a dark border stone.

Quinn's Contracting Landscaping Designs

Light Border

Simple patio design featuring a lighter border stone.

Before & After

Let's Build Your Vision Together

Please feel free to get in touch with us using either our online form, text message, email or phone call and we will be happy to help you with planning your project. Feel free to visit our Facebook page for additional photos as well as more frequent project updates to view our work!

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